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ADAC Racing Team Leitstelle Inspire CS - mobiles Marketing

Chic, sleek and fast – welcome to the ADAC Racing Sports Centre. The Motor Racing Sports division of the ADAC Team in North Rhine approached us with tough demands for a new race control vehicle. In terms of look, we scored top marks with our new Inspire CS. All we needed to do was rein in the interior design, with its air conditioning, large windows, large cargo load and daylight-compatible external monitor. That’s because the 3.5-ton limit for a drive-it-yourself class B info mobile cannot be exceeded.

The summary from Daniel Schönenberg, Motor Sports Project Manager at ADAC North Rhine, was a positive one: “It’s a fantastic vehicle with all of the necessary and also very special functions, and all at an impressive performance-to-weigh ratio! Our racing sports vehicle can now be driven by everyone…”