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Sometimes, small is actually bigger! Taking the approach of not just displaying more exhibition objects, but also being able to accommodate more people on board, we supplied an entire fleet of promotional trucks for the cycling processionals Derby Cycle. And we did so without exceeding any weight limits: all of our vehicles can still be handled by people with a class B driving licence!

With no fewer than seven brand-new promotional trucks, Germany’s largest bicycle producer by sales had sent its old vehicles into retirement and was looking forward to a hefty 800-kilo cargo load for 18 to 20 heavy e-bikes, along with additional manpower – even its tare weight is 1,100 kilos. The stress about constantly overloading its mobile showrooms is therefore a thing of the past!

Our Inspire CS, with its brand-new design concept, is a 3.5-ton drive-it-yourself info truck that is as agile as it is capable of carrying tremendous amounts of weight thanks to our lightweight construction techniques. Equipped for the first time with VW Crafters as the base vehicle, the little speedsters simply look cool and uncomplicated.

With the emphasis on the e-bikes from Kalkhoff and Focus, which Derby Cycle sells alongside brands such as Raleigh, Univega and Rixe, the Inspire CS fleet will be used in both the B2B and the B2C sector. This means that the info mobiles are not just nippy show trucks at major events such as the Tour de France, but they also serve as impressive training vehicles for retail as well as an event vehicle that can be hired by retailers to boost direct sales locally. They fit virtually everywhere, they’re real eye-catchers and they can be driven by anyone with a car driving licence. Fantastic!