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ImmobilienScout24_Showtruck vor Reichstag

Under the motto “Build what people are looking for!” the leading online property marketplace, managed by Jan Flaskamp (Head of Communications at ImmobilienScout24), is drawing attention to the shortage of accommodation in Germany. A mobile apartment will stop on 21 September on the Friedrich List Bank immediately adjacent to the Federal Chancellor’s office. The campaign is attracting plenty of attention, not just from the press. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer are holding a housing summit in the Chancellor’s office on that very same day. The unique info mobile will also be catching the eyes of Berlin’s citizens all day long. The very clear objective of the roadshow campaign is to raise awareness of the current shortage of accommodation. And the ImmobilienScout24 team and its supporting agency Scholz & Friends have certainly succeeded with our vehicle! Points worth mentioning: the deadline was fixed and the go-ahead for the promotional vehicle was given exactly one week previously. So we’re even more proud to have contributed to this successful event…

As the client said to his customers: “Don’t worry, JUMBO will do it!” – Thank you for your faith in us!