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Accompanied by Federal Minister of Economics, Sigmar Gabriel and the president of Gesamtmetall, Dr. Rainer Dulger, the first of the employer association’s ten info trucks have now been unveiled to the public.

“I expressly welcome the sign that the Gesamtmetall Association is committing itself to the dual system with these info trucks”, says Federal Minister Gabriel, who took over the role of patron of the careers information initiative.

The aim of the info trucks is to actively promote new talent where they can be found in schools and at public events. On an area of around 80 m2, the two-storey trucks will offer interested students an insight into the world of work. With state-of-the-art multimedia technology and special experimentation stations, the info trucks are setting new standards in terms of encouraging up-and-coming talent and playing a vital role in fighting demographic change.

The key requirement for these info vehicles is their quick setup times, so that they can respond with flexibility. The result of the cooperation with the client, the German Institute of Economics, is a vehicle that impresses with more than just its exterior.

The info trucks are looked after and operated by one to two advisers, who are also responsible for operating and setting up the vehicle. The ten info trucks are replacing the previous nine info buses, representing the third generation of mobile careers information.


Thanks to a newly developed floor and furniture construction, all of the units inside the vehicle can stay exactly where they are while the vehicle is on the move – they’re simply moved automatically into a “park position”. The arduous task of setting up and rearranging are therefore a thing of the past. The exhibits on the upper storey also stay in place and fold up.