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mobile-Räume Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbemobilmobile-Räume Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbemobil


mobile-Räume Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbemobilmobile-Räume Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbemobil


Promotionanhänger Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow WerbemobilPromotionanhänger Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbemobil


Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow WerbemobilMesse-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbemobil


Messe-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbefahrzeug mobiler-Showroom VertriebsmobilMesse-Fahrzeug Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbefahrzeug mobiler-Showroom Vertriebsmobil


Promotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbefahrzeug mobiler-Showroom VertriebsmobilPromotion-Trailer Roadshow Werbefahrzeug mobiler-Showroom Vertriebsmobil


Roadshow Werbefahrzeug mobiler-Showroom VertriebsmobilRoadshow Werbefahrzeug mobiler-Showroom Vertriebsmobil


Pop-up store, mobile showroom or trade fair stand

Space like a penthouse with the mobility of wheels!

Grounded like a tree yet more flexible than a traveller. That’s our SuperCube. It offers all the possibilities of our event vehicles, is yet highly independent, and can accommodate additional space if needed.

The advantages are obvious. It’s flat, so there’s no entrance step and it’s barrier-free. The SuperCube’s mobility is also almost impossible to detect. Multiple modules can also be put together easily to form a large showroom. Watch the Lego quickly create a shop with multiple areas, and of course, they’re all expandable!

  • Extremely bright, light rooms
  • Customisable design
  • 100% barrier-free, since they are flat
  • Completely independent
  • Tried-and-tested constructions and concepts
  • 20 m2 to 2,000 m2 and more mobile presentation area
  • Catering and service area
  • Air conditioning throughout


Potential uses:

Pop-up store, advice centre, mobile trade fair stand, culture vehicle, interactive mobile, science vehicle, job truck, information show truck, politics on tour, mobile branch office, play truck, spa oasis, wedding vehicle, sports vehicle, laboratory vehicle, mobile exchange, roadshow energy truck, children’s cosmos, roadshows, as a promotional vehicle or show truck presentation vehicle, insurance vehicle, video transmission vehicle, VIP meeting point, mobile fashion show, high-tech show truck, sightseeing show truck, film vehicle, hands-on vehicle, command vehicle, after-work-party show truck, experiment vehicle, disco show truck, literature vehicle, travelling exhibition roadshow vehicle, and much more besides!

immediate start with Second hand-,
Demonstration and rental vehicles
Number of rooms1-1000
Second level
Space expansion modules
Setup time, one personunder 10 min.
Drive it yourself
Action areato 20-2000 m²
Length ride/operation16.500 mm /
12.000 mm
Width ride/operation2.500 mm / 4.500 mm
Height ride/operation4.000 mm / 3.100 mm
Completely independent
On site service

Here are a few road show examples of our SuperCube.