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Infomobil Ausstellungsfahrzeug mobiles-Marketing mobile-Promotion Roadshow ShowtruckInfomobil Ausstellungsfahrzeug mobiles-Marketing mobile-Promotion Roadshow Showtruck


SpaceLiner 750 – the show truck lightweight

Something a bit smaller, a bit lighter, but absolutely ingenious. That’s how this promotional vehicle with the “old driving licence” might be described!

Thanks to state-of-the-art lightweight construction techniques, JUMBO is able to create cantilevered extensions on the SpaceLiner 750 too and significantly increase the exhibition space.

For all users with small and lightweight products to showcase, the SpaceLiner 750 is the number one choice. If you’re looking for something a little larger and heavier, however, then take a look at our SpaceLiner 2800.


Thanks to JUMBO’s unique show truck/floor/furniture/folding technology, all of the exhibits required, whether large or small, are positioned exactly where they need to be. The arduous tasks of setting up and dismantling are therefore a thing of the past.

  • Extremely bright, light rooms
  • Customisable design
  • Completely independent – easy to use
  • 26 m² and larger mobile presentation space
  • Catering and service area
  • Smooth exterior area, lightweight and inexpensive, variable potential designs
  • Incredibly short setup time of just 10 to 15 minutes, allowing multiple location changes to be made per day with ease
  • Cantilevered, unsupported extension modules – use on small parking spaces or for example on embankment edges
  • Air conditioning throughout
  • Perfectly attired: without temporary tent tarpaulin solutions
  • Every topographic condition is compensated for

Available in versions without space extension or optionally with one or two cantilevered extension modules to enlarge the exhibition space!

Options for promotions:

Roadshows, promotional vehicle, show truck presentation vehicle, play truck, spa oasis, wedding vehicle, film trailer, literature vehicle, travelling exhibition roadshow vehicle, sports vehicle, laboratory vehicle, mobile exchange, command vehicle, after-work-party show truck, roadshow stage truck, experiments truck, disco show truck, advice centre, mobile trade fair stand, culture vehicle, interaction vehicle, roadshow event vehicle, hands-on vehicle, prevention vehicle, science vehicle, job truck, information show truck, politics on tour, mobile branch office, roadshow energy truck, children’s cosmos, insurance vehicle, video transmission vehicle, VIP meeting point, mobile fashion show, high-tech show truck, sightseeing show truck and much more!

immediate start with Second hand-,
Demonstration and rental vehicles
Number of rooms1-2
Second level
Space expansion modules
Setup time, one personup to 15 min.
Drive it yourself FSK ab BE
Action areato 20-40 m²
Length ride/operation13.500 mm /
10.200 mm
Width ride/operation2.450 mm / 4.500 mm
Height ride/operation3.600 mm / 3.600 mm
Completely independent
On site service