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Permendo launches its mobile health offensive for companies, health insurance companies, schools, clubs, care facilities and children’s daycare centres with our inspireCS.

The emphasis is on flexibility: healthcare is not an off-the-shelf product. Instead, it is highly personalised. So, to ensure that a professional approach can be taken to this too, the equipment of the health bus is highly adaptable and enables decentralised operation at different locations without sacrificing even an ounce of comfort. It is only logical that the issue of cargo load is an important one for a health vehicle, since it needs to carry with it various pieces of equipment for all kinds of applications.

One important aspect, and one that goes without saying for the inspireCS, is of course the fact that the mobile clinic can be driven by someone who holds a class B driving licence, allowing the work to be carried out by the personnel available. The days when anyone was allowed to move a 7.5-tonne removal truck are unfortunately long gone…

As a result, the Permendo health manager is now launching its mobile OHM concept with a further innovation – in the form of our inspireCS.

And we wish the project every success!