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General questions

What is a JUMBOmobile?

A JUMBOmobile is first and foremost a special vehicle. Concepts designed specifically in line with the customer’s requirements and wishes make each of our vehicles unique. For this reason, we are repeatedly the leaders in our field when it comes to new developments and solution opportunities.

Who would benefit from a JUMBOmobile?

Unique selling points in terms of mobile product presentation, mobile marketing or even mobile service delivery, as well as process monitoring, are factors that speak in favour of acquiring a JUMBOmobile. Our vehicles are primarily used to complement and extend our customers’ operational spaces. A mobile office, for example, allows customers to maintain a presence in multiple locations while keeping the associated effort and costs down.

What are JUMBO's unique selling points?

Our motto is this: “Can’t be done, doesn’t exist!” Creating individuality and flexibility within physical and financial parameters may set limits for JUMBO, but our wealth of ideas and visions, on the other hand, is limitless.

How customised can my vehicle be?

Inside, you can give your creative ability completely free rein. Everything is possible. There is one small restriction we do have to mention, however: the limits in terms of weight and dimensions when driving are governed by the Road Traffic Act. To reflect this, we have put a great deal of energy into developing space-expanding technologies and lightweight construction.

Technical questions

What technical possibilities does a JUMBOmobile offer?

Every idea can be turned into reality, provided it can be done within certain physical parameters. For this reason, JUMBO stands up to all technical challenges. To put it succinctly: new ideas are our incentive to deliver even better performance!

What lead times do I need to take into account for the production of a JUMBOmobile?

Customised solutions and materials have customised lead times. These start with our suppliers. If the roadshow is due to start tomorrow, then you are of course able to make use of a vehicle from our existing fleet. If you would prefer a more individual approach, however, then we’re always happy to assist you with interim solutions. Essentially, renting a show truck is significantly quicker than buying a custom-built one.

What physical limits is a special vehicle subject to?

Everything is possible, provided you keep an eye on the Road Traffic Act. Of course, there is the possibility of special permits, even here. However, the amount of work involved for this is usually not proportionate to the campaign as a whole.

How many staff do I need to operate a show truck?

In the vast majority of cases, JUMBOmobiles are designed so that precisely one person is required to handle them. This saves time and money.

What cargo load does an info vehicle have?

Thanks to our focus on extremely lightweight construction, the latest generation of our vehicles have an unbeatable cargo load. We therefore recommend that our customers choose one number smaller, for cost reasons alone. But the final decision is the customer’s, of course!

What licences do I need to use a promotional truck or the setup location?

A driving licence is mandatory. A class B driving licence means you can drive our CityStar with a total weight of 3.5 tons. As always, there are no upward limits. In terms of the setup location, bear in mind the following points: the approval of the landowner is mandatory. On certain parking spaces and trade fairs, other substrates are required, such as for statics and fire safety, for example. Here too, however, we won’t leave you out in the rain and we’d be happy to lend a helping hand and share our experience with you.

What connectivity options (electricity/water) does the setup location need to offer?

An external supply for our show trucks is not required. Depending on the options chosen, our vehicles can be operated completely independently. Of course, a power connection is an advantage.

How long do JUMBOmobiles last?

“Made in Germany” has long been a feature of JUMBO vehicles. Therefore, we are happy to offer a little more than the usual 2-year guarantee.

Where are the vehicles maintained or repaired?

Wherever our customers want them to be! However, having maintenance carried out at our plant once a year is recommended. Major repairs after an accident should be carried out by JUMBO in all cases in order to protect goodwill and warranty claims.

What weather conditions do I need to be aware of when using a JUMBOmobile?

Please leave your promotional vehicle standing in the event of black ice! We also recommend not using the roadshow campaign if there’s a hurricane. Other than that, there are no weather conditions that you need to be aware of. Frost, snow and extreme heat are not a problem.

Questions about costs

How much do I need to invest for a JUMBOmobile?

Since we’re not reinventing the wheel for every vehicle and are rather relying on tried-and-tested technology, the costs of our vehicles fall within the usual framework. You should bear in mind, however, that at JUMBO you are always getting a specialist vehicle and a one-off creation, and for this reason the procurement process is not quite the same as for a normal transporter. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch far enough, you have the option of hiring an info mobile. Another alternative is to procure a pre-owned vehicle that we can custom-convert for you.

Can I also lease a JUMBOmobile?

Of course, you can also lease JUMBO vehicles. Whether we find the right leasing supplier for you or you negotiate a contract with your bank, the decision is entirely up to you.

Can I also hire a JUMBOmobile, and what customisation options are there in this case?

The possibilities are virtually limitless even with a hired vehicle. If you want a built-in swimming pool, however, then of course you’ll need to factor in the costs of retrofitting one.

When should I think about buying an info mobile?

“When should I think about hiring a JUMBOmobile?” would be the perfect response to that. The answer is easy: buy if the rental costs exceed the budget of a purchase and you then know what you want to do with the vehicle afterwards. Hire the vehicle if you do not have any further use for the vehicle after the campaign.

What happens if something goes wrong after I've bought a JUMBOmobile?

We won’t leave you out in the rain: if, for example, a driver calls in sick or the vehicle has an accident, we’ll work with you to find a solution.

What services does JUMBO offer?

What is truck management?

In brief, it’s the organisation of parking spaces, drivers and all of the associated permits.

How can JUMBO help me with truck management?

If you like, we can take care of the truck management for you. You plan your roadshow tour, and we’ll make sure it runs smoothly. It starts with the organisation of parking spaces and ends with the provision of a replacement driver if yours calls in sick.

I already have a vehicle and I need assistance. What do I do?

Our service is something we’re very proud of. Whether you already own an info truck or a basic vehicle, for JUMBO it doesn’t matter. We’ll also help you convert, modernise or expand your vehicle. We’re also happy to assist 24/7 with repair and maintenance work.

What about sustainability & environmental awareness?

At JUMBO, you get a vehicle with a promise of a long service life. Follow-on investments are usually limited to conversions and modernisation. If our customer would like an eco-certificate for their vehicle, then we’ll put everything in place for that to happen. However, we promise that we already invest in new technologies designed to protect the environment for our own benefit and to save money.

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