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Kito’s new showroom – with a real 3.5-ton vehicle for drive-it-yourself class B drivers

A new vehicle was needed as the old one had served its time in terms of harmful emissions, space and cargo load.

The show truck also had to be future-proof, and be a drive-it-yourself, 3.5-ton promotional vehicle, but this time with a net cargo load of 600 kg! Good looks, practical handling and air conditioning are of course de rigueur these days. A larger showroom offers additional space for displays.

The buyers from KITO were immediately impressed with our Inspire CS concept and could hardly wait for the planning. A VW Crafter was quickly defined as the chassis and was the ideal foundation for this concept. To achieve the high cargo load while at the same time accommodating a lavish interior design, our development department once again pulled out all the stops, with the key idea being: individual room concepts. For the final touch, we conjured up the attractive branding on the mobile trade fair stand in cooperation with the marketing department.

Now, KITO can go on the hunt for B2B customers with its new Inspire CS and its expanded product portfolio. We wish them tremendous success, and bon voyage always!