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Permendo launches its mobile health offensive for companies, health insurance companies, schools, clubs, care facilities and children’s daycare centres with our inspireCS. The emphasis is on flexibility: healthcare is not an off-the-shelf product. Instead, it is highly personalised. So, to ensure that a professional approach can
Stadtwerke Schwedt breaks new ground in customer canvassing and marketing "The appearance and quality of the vehicle impressed us straight away", said delighted project manager Toni Holtschke-Hanisch at the promotional vehicle's handover. For Stadtwerke Schwedt, the procurement of an info mobile is anything but common practice,
Second McDonald's health vehicle on tour Inspired by the motto ‘movement is the best thing for good health’, the children's health truck travels to a new destination every day - literally to wherever it's needed! Using lots of fun and professional contacts, the aim is to
Strassen-Arzt-Praxis InspireCS - mobile Filiale
Health management for the SME sector. Not everyone can afford a company doctor. To close this gap, the German Red Cross is launching its first mobile health clinic on four wheels. All of the investigations needed, such as cardio, blood pressure, visual field testing, exercise bike